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There are always more options to get the best results

We are proud to introduce you to our company Yuci Ltd. (pronounce "YouSee")

A truly independent consultancy company with roots in the event and meeting industries for over 15 years.

In 2014 we established Yuci Ltd in Hong Kong and our main working office in Holland to provide the best dedicated service for our clients globally.

Yuci Ltd is the main company, whereby we have to mention that Yuci Ltd is still collaboration with other companies as Access All Areas (Netherlands), In2structures (South Africa) and De Backer Consultancy (Australia).

Yuci has three main consultancy areas:

  • Yuci Ltd. Meetings; audio visual and IT solutions for global conferences
  • Yuci Ltd. Development; the creative department that never stops
  • Yuci Ltd. Production; production and infra structures for special events

All our consultancy services are based in the meetings and event industries. This diversity and build knowledge over the years, is constantly used by the team of Yuci Ltd and applied to all projects we deliver.

We use our skills, and let "Yuci" the options you have, whereby we constantly do full assessment and give advice based on the best choices and options we think which fits best into your purpose.

We specific different documents where you can find more and detailed information about our service, please contact us for your request.

Involving a technical director early in the planning process is a little more effort, more communications and some upfront cost , but it will save the client real money in the end, save hours of labour, and avoid so many headaches and heartaches in your event.

AV&IT consultancy at global conferences is the main objective of Yuci Ltd.

We assist international associations and PCOs by the continuous increasing complex world of AV and IT solutions for their conference or meeting. Basic AV setups with an eye for quality and budget, implementing new technology with a user friendly explaination of what the new tools are and how to use.

We are up todate with the latest AV solutions and IT options which you can use for your meeting, from microphone till hybrite meetings and portal solutions we can guide you. We work with topics as "assessments" "green" "budgets" and "quality control". And we will be a member of your team during the whole process of the conference.

Yuci Ltd. conference consultancy

  • Pre meetings meeting design and supplier selection
  • Negotiating and management of suppliers
  • Onsite management of all AV and IT related items
  • Post meeting debrief and file share

Our work field is global and you can expect a partner in your team that is global minded and willing to take all the challanges and share the experiences and knowledge of previous conferences and countries we work in.

For full detailed information about AV&IT consultancy, please send us a request for our digital pdf paper, where you can find the full information about Yuci meeting service.

Creativity means, your brain is having fun.

As Yuci Ltd is working global we do see and experience a lot of creative solutions world wide. With this knowledge we provide new plans and visions for local and international cases to grow and develop.

Our development is based on meetings and events and all attached cicumstances, so in that area you're always welcome to ask us for an opinion or request for an idea. Thinking is free, workout is time and money. But as our filosophy is that with joining ideas we all get the best solutions we do spend 10% of our time on new items new development and visions.

Yuci Ltd. Development consultancy

  • Ideas and upgrade of event buildings and meeting venues
  • New development and support of new tools for the event industry
  • World wide network of experts in all kind of related business
  • Focused and creative mind for development of new applications

One of our latest development plans is out Digital Conference Development, an application where we go much further as only a camera and an online feed of your conference, but also think about spinoff options social media use and adaptebillety by your delegates sponsors and or customers. Request a copy by mail.
Yuci in person as Julius Douwes is also member of the Meeting Design Institute.

If you need support for your own new develepment, don’t hasitate to inform us and ask for a first free consultancy meeting.

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.”

Yuci Ltd.'s 15 years' experience started earlier in the special events and festivals.

B2B meetings and product launches where all kind of productions we supported with technical tools. Nowadays we still have the skills and we can help you out with good solutions and technical support in a consultancy format.

This means we guide and let "Yuci" the best deals with the suppliers to choose from, and we do the time planning ordering etc. So all production related work is in our hands, and you will have full control over the budgets. You pay us for our job and we do not take commissions and fees from or on top of the orders we place.

Yuci Ltd. Production consultancy

  • Over 15 years of infra structure production
  • Network with suppliers all over the world
  • Full consultancy and onsite production management
  • Over 4 years representative for In2structures South Africa

Due to our flexible system of working, we can also support you in parts of your production or special event. Also just onsite to manage specialist items like complex AV & IT solutions we can help you out.

The special domes and information about you can find online at or you can request a digital paper from us. We can make full proposals including onsite production and advices.
Shipping, import and working with the SA crew are all part of our arrangement.
As mentioned above, also here we fulfil this support in a consultancy format, which allows you to be on top of the budget with full transparency when doing business with South Africa. And using one of the most unique constructions in the world.

For request send us your inquiry and we will propose a full dedicated production consultancy solution.

Julius Douwes

Mobile +31 619 363 766
Office +85 281 750 265
Skype julius-douwes